Fireplace Clearance

Just $200.00/each

Given that our product is much lighter than concrete, it reduces labor handling and support structure expenditures which can become a major cost factor in the total cost of a project. This has been achieved without compromising any structural or physical integrity of the project.
  • Easy to install, with no construction required. (No need for a chimney!)
  • Safer than wood burning fireplaces (with the accompanying lower insurance rates)
  • Cost effective since you can heat only the room you’re in…not the whole house.
  • Can be used all year round, regardless of the weather, since you control the heat settings. (You can have the ambiance of a roaring fire with not heat at all!)
  • Easier to set up and clean up, with no need to chop wood or clean up messy ashes.
  • Easier to use, since heat and light can be changed via remote control.
  • Foam by Design Fireplace Clearance, Pinellas County

Light Weight Concrete: Composite material consisting of Portland cement, alkali resistant Cem-FIL AR glass fibers, water, fine aggregates and additives. When mixed in certain proportions and manufactured under controlled conditions, it achieves physical properties which allow it to be used for precise designs, natural stone finishes and especially those applications where weight is a significant factor in the design.

Composite Mixture: This mixture produces a composite which has significant flexural, tensile (breaking or cracking) as well as crushing strengths which are far higher than the “average” concrete mix made from Portland cement, sand and gravel. The addition of glass fibers to the concrete mix allows the creation of products that are nearly impervious to cracking that occurs in stone from dryness in very dry and desert like areas, and rusting of metal due to moisture in humid climates. The foremost layer uses many varieties of aggregates such as marbles, granite and limestone. These aggregates are crushed to a suitable grading for use in light weight concrete production to further prevent undue internal stresses and cracking. It also allows the casting of very fine detailed surfaces. Many people have beautiful fireplaces inside their home but why not outside? On a cool fall evening or breezy summer night, an outdoor fireplace is the perfect accessory to your backyard that will make it different than the rest.